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This is the current roadmap that we are working towards. Timeplan may change depending on results from student work, etc.

  • Next Public Release Plan
Autum 2014
  • Current Release
Public SensibleThings Beta 4 Release
The platform now checks for Carrier Grade NAT.
October 24, 2013
  • Past Releases
Public SensibleThings Beta 3 Release
The platform now supports binary sensor values (for example images)
October 22, 2013
Public SensibleThings Beta 2 Release
The default DHT have been changed to Kelips.
September 30, 2013
Public SensibleThings Beta 1 Release
SSL through NAT
Code cleanup
Bug fixes
Memory leaks fixed
September 13, 2013
Public SensibleThings Alpha Release
Fork from the MediaSense project.
Name changes and code cleanup.
Fully working automatic NAT penetration.
Numerous new extensions.
July 29, 2013
  • Planned Future Features, in no specific order
PGRID (Lookup service)
SCTP (Communication)
NAT penetration (Communication)
Gateways for Contiki and other WSN (Sensor Gateway/Abstraction Layer)
Encryption (Communication)
Anonymity (Extension)
Context Reasoning (Extension)
Context Proximity (Extension)
Contextual Clustering (Optimization)
Context Prediction (Extension)
COAP Sensor Gateway (Sensor Gateway/Abstraction Layer)
Enhanced Publish-Subscribe Functionality (Extension)
Platform independent object serialization (Serializer)
Add in hook framework (Dissemination Core)
  • History
Public MediaSense Beta 3 Release
NAT penetration and some minor API changes.
January 28, 2013
Public MediaSense Beta 2 Release
An updated Beta version with bug-fixes and naming clarifications.
October 2, 2012
Public MediaSense Beta Release
A circular DHT for lookup and RUDP as communication
September 5, 2012
Internal MediaSense Beta Testing
Testing API's and code functionality
June-August 2012
Public MediaSense Alpha Release
Limited functionality, only server lookup and TCP communication
April 27, 2012
Internal MediaSense Alpha Testing
Testing API's and code functionality
Jan-Apr 2012
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