This is the development portal for the SensibleThings Platform, which is a platform for enabling the Internet-of-Things. The platform offers an open source framework for connecting sensors and actuators together, in order to enable real-time and scalable context-aware applications. This portal offers information on the research, documentation of the platform, and the development kit for developers to create their own application which utilize the SensibleThings platform.

The SensibleThings platform can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, e.g., health care, intelligent home, object tracking, and social applications, etc. The figure below shows some of the developed proof-of-concept applications that use the SensibleThings platform. For example simple sensor value readings (radon, Co2, temperature, humidity, etc.), intelligent home automation (to interact and monitoring power sockets), object tracking (for monitoring sensor enabled objects), surveillance (for remote monitoring), and showing historical data graphs (for displaying stored measurements).