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Tutorials: TryingOut

This tutorial will explain how to try out the basic functions of the SensibleThings platform. In detail, it will provide a step by step instruction for using the simple testing app.


1. Settings

Check that your phone allows app installations from "Unknown Sources".
Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources

2. Download a Barcode Scanner

Download any barcode scanner app. We recommend "Barcode Scanner" by ZXing.
Link to Google Play

3. Download the SensibleThings App

Download the simple testing app using the phone and any QR barcode scanner.
Link to Download page or use the QR code below.

4. Install the app

Install and start up the app.

5. Publish some data

Switch to the "Publish" tab.
Enter any unique name in the UCI field. A UCI should be in the form of ""
Enter a value associated with that UCI.
Click publish

6. Retrieve some data

Switch to the "Retrieve" tab
Enter the UCI you previously entered on the publish tab.
Click on retrieve
The value associated with the UCI should now be retrieved and displayed on the screen

Common Problems

Make sure you have a connection to the Internet. Most operators use a NAT network for mobile phones, so the phone's connection should become proxied inside the platform.
Therefore, if you do not receive any values in your app it is usually a problem with your Internet connection.
Also note that some ISPs and mobile phone operators block P2P based traffic.
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