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Documentation: Research

In this section we will summarize the research goals and purpose of this work.

Our Foucs
We focus on research towards the Internet of Things, where we will have billions of devices connected and communicating on the Internet.
In this future, we will have demands global sensing and actuating in real-time demanding scenarios.
Research Problem
The problem which this research is trying to solve is:
How can sensors and actuators be shared in an Internet-of-Things and be used in next generation intelligent applications,
given the demands that these next generation application requires for high Quality-of-Experience?
The requirements which we are looking for, and that SensibleThings addresses are:
Our results include the SensibleThings platform itself, as well a number of proof-of-concept applications running on top of the platform.
In addition to different types of evaluations, comparisons, and integrations with other types of Internet-of-Things platforms.
Further results, such as our peer reviewed papers can be found online on scientific publication sites.
We suggest to use a Google Scholar Search on SensibleThings or a Google Scholar Search on MediaSense
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