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Here are answers for some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the SensibleThings platform in my own project?
Yes, the SensibleThings platform is open source and licensed under the LGPL license.
This means you can create your own applications (even commercial ones) using the platform.
For more information, see GNU Licenses
When will SensibleThings be able to do...?
We have a roadmap for our own contributions and research, but we also have students and industry who contribute to the SensibleThings platform.
Otherwise you are free to build and contribute with the sought after functionality yourself. Please contact us for it to be included in the public releases.
SensibleThings does not work...
The most common problem when SensibleThings does not work has to do with your own network connectivity, firewalls, network policies, etc.
Therefore, it is best if ALL your devices are connected to the same network. We strongly recommend to only use machines on the public Internet.
Avoid NAT traversal if possible, SensibleThings's peer-to-peer traffic can penetrate NAT using proxying but it is not a scalable approach.
Also, avoid operators and ISPs that block peer-to-peer traffic.
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